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Access 2 EIC

ACCESS2EIC  is the network of 15 partners of who share the common purpose to work as a network of EIC (FET and SME) and ARF NCPs supporting national applicants and raising the quality of applications submitted under the enhanced EIC Pilot 2019-2020. 
ACCESS2EIC activities will be largely linked to the experience of Access4SMEs, the H2020 SME and ARF NCPs operating from September 2016 to August 2019. 
Access2EIC will be implemented taking into account the experience and activities of Access4SMEs project, while integrating and reflecting the novelties and challenges introduced by enhanced EIC Pilot, including a strong focus also on Pathfinder-related issues and as a consequence enlarging this NCP community to H2020 FET NCPs. 
The network will guarantee service model based on the following characteristics:

TAILORED-MADE: the ACCESS2EIC project is tailored-made on the basis of the diverse peculiarities, expectations and needs identified by the applicants and the NCPs. The Access2EIC NCP network will not only increase awareness but also engage with multi- stakeholders target groups through a diverse range of activities capable to enhance a qualitative participation on the EIC Pilot programme.

INCLUSIVE: the ACCESS2EIC project will provide services dedicated to both core beneficiaries and associated partners. Furtherly, the proposed model will enhance the participation of NCPs already engaged within the past ACCESS4SMEs network – notably SMEs and ARF NCPs and the novel ones related to the appointed FET NCPs.

COMPLEMENTARY: the ACCESS2EIC project envisages complementary tools, i.e. studies, guides, analysis and editorial products which will be used as seeds to improve readiness and awareness on the financial instruments available in the EIC Pilot along the technology development pathway.

It has been funded by Horizon 2020 under Grant Agreement No 101000002

National Contact Points (NCPs) are main actors in the European research & innovation area; experienced and better networked NCPs will ensure optimal promotion and exploitation of the opportunities offered under Horizon 2020.

That is why the European Commission wants to strengthen the capacity of Horizon 2020 National Contact Points to deliver support and advice in the cross-cutting policy domains of Innovation in SME and Access to Risk Finance.

The project will help the EU to better spread and optimise its investment into R&I-driven SMEs across Europe, with as a result a stronger bridge from idea to market for Europe’s top-notch SMEs, a Horizon 2020 policy goal since the beginning of the programme.

Throughout the ACCESS4SMEs project the European Commission will benefit from interaction and feedback from NCPs concerning various policy initiatives, which will be important input for the development of the next EU Programme supporting Research and Innovation.

Jean-David Malo, Director Directorate B – Open Innovation and Open Science